Saturday, September 15, 2012

Do Apps Have Karma?

Do Apps have karma? Of course not – they’re inanimate (this is not a post on artificial intelligence – or a Blade Runner review). However – I think it’s worth taking some time to consider how the apps we use do more than just copy, print and “like” at our command. Apps do what technology always does best; they accelerate and amplify – for better and for worse.

Facebook, Twitter, email, the presentations and inter-office memos that you write, how you interact and manage (or perhaps monitor) your clients, employees and partners through your online systems – not only reveal a whole lot about you – these apps amplify your actions and magnify your impact – and, by extension, your karma.

In short, the apps you use may not have their own karma, but how you use them can definitely impact yours.

Some people will tell you that technology changes everything – and those people are dead wrong – everything you know, you need to remember – and that has never been more true than when we’re talking about our humanity.

What do your personal apps – and your workplace apps – say about you? Is your online life in balance with your real-world life? Are you meaner online? Rude? Do you show the same consideration and patience online as you do in real time?  Even if you act anonymously (although I would challenge if that’s ever possible these days) – you will be changed by the actions you take and the online life you lead.


Some people will tell you that you can build a website or push out a mobile app whose only purpose is to make it easier for customers to part with their money going to classes or buying products or paying for services – and that for some reason, the laws of the universe will be suspended because it’s online - and that users won’t see this as grasping or even greedy.

We know that nothing could be further from the truth – the truth is still the truth; and karma is still karma.

TheMobileYogi delivers content-rich apps that users love and embrace (and will, of course, use). Our apps uniquely combine high-value content and instruction with our clients’ brand and business – And our unique analytics prove what we all intuitively know – that when you lead by giving, you’ll be rewarded in kind – and for our clients, that translates into increased loyalty, attendance and a more engaged community.

Do your apps reflect the best of you?

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