Thursday, October 25, 2012

Content Is (still) King for mobile apps

We at TheMobileYogi have always been passionate about the importance of using premium content to distinguish mobile apps. While mobile analytics have established the positive impact that our apps can have on customer loyalty (and client revenue), it's been a challenge to objectively measure the role that our content plays. Are our apps truly more appealing to users when compared to other mobile apps that focus solely on basic tasks like registrations, calendars and coupons?

Thanks to the analytics gurus at AppMonsta, we now have empirical data comparing our approach to the more traditional “white label” development model that generates mobile apps by re-skinning registration, class browsing and other common tasks – but little more.

AppMonsta are leaders in (among other things) “sentiment analysis” across iOS and Android marketplaces. Sentiment analysis includes advanced natural language processing and computational linguistics (interpretation of user comments) to extract subjective information (sentiment and opinions) from app user comments across various mobile marketplaces.

Based on AppMonsta's objective analysis, we have been able to produce the following table that compares apps published by TheMobileYogi with one of the leading white label mobile app development shops that also focuses on yoga and other wellness-centered businesses (referred to here as "White Label, Co" for the rest of the post). In point of fact, White Label, Co is over 5X larger than TheMobileYogi with a long history of app development and design - we have chosen a leader in this space - not a loser. The key metrics shown below are used to:

  • Measure total satisfaction (Passionate Index)
  • Predict virality  / word-of-mouth sharing (Exuberance Index)
  • Discover standout technical teams (Crash Index)
  • Identify 'stickiness' and retention (Addiction Index)

What we see is a dramatic and material distinction between our content-driven apps when compared to simple student access apps.

White Label, Co
TheMobileYogi Advantage
Avg ratings for all titles
Average of all numeric ratings.
Avg passionate users
% of 5 star reviews out of total reviews.
Avg exuberance index
Based on the % of reviewers that express a palpable excitement for the app that goes beyond 5 stars.
Avg crash index
Based on the percentage of reviewers that discuss technical issues and crashing.
Avg addiction index
Based on the percentage of reviewers that reveal some level of addiction to the app.

      It’s not even close. The data is unambiguous – TheMobileYogi produces apps that users love – and that translates into user loyalty and increased revenue for our clients. Content is king – and TheMobileYogi delivers that value to those that matter most – your markets. To learn more, please visit  

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